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Controller of Examinations

The end of each semester, the Adhiparasakthi College of arts and science conducts regular examinations for UG, PG and M.Phil. programmes.
The students who have earned 75 percent of the attendance in each semester are permitted to appear for the semester examinations. To qualify for a pass, a student should secure a minimum of 50% marks in the examination in case of PG and M.Phil, exams, and 40% in case of UG programmes.
Double valuation is followed for all M.Phil programmes. In case, the difference between the marks awarded in the first and the second evaluation exceeds 14 marks, then the paper is referred to a third examiner.
The examination wing is fully computerized to maintain confidentiality and ensure quick services.
At present, Mr.S.Nambi is the Controller of Examinations of the Adhiparasakthi College of arts and science.
If there is any queries from the student related to examinations of the Adhiparasakthi College of arts and science ,Mr S.Nambi may be contacted

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